Dr. Hall-Findlay Talks About Her Surgical Facilities

“I perform all my surgery in Banff, either in my office surgical facility or at the Mineral Springs Hospital. Patients sometimes need some reassurance about having surgery in an office facility. It might help them to know that I chaired the committee that set the standards and guidelines – and accreditation system – for all the surgical facilities in the province of Alberta,” said Dr. Hall-Findlay. “I am proud of what we have achieved because we can boast that we have one of the best systems in North America. You can be reassured that Banff Plastic Surgery is state of the art both in equipment and staff education and training.”

An Emphasis on Privacy and Comfort

Banff Plastic Surgery is located on the private third floor of Cascade Shops. Our patients enjoy the emphasis our office places on privacy and comfort – our waiting area is often called “the Living Room.” Staffed by professionals and equipped with the best technology for patient care, we maintain the high standards set by Dr. Hall-Findlay and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. A staff member is always available to assist our patients.

“I give my cell phone number to all my patients,” said Dr. Hall-Findlay. “Our patients can always reach a nurse during the day or they can reach me after hours.”

Parking at Cascade Shops

You may only use your assigned parking stall during your appointment. Please remove your vehicle immediately after your appointment, so that we can accommodate other patients’ parking needs.

Access is from Marten Street (behind the Cascade Plaza). Once you are parked, take the stairs marked in yellow to Level 5A. Enter at Level 5A and go through the next door to the left of the elevator. This is the office level. We are located in Suite #340. Click here for a diagram.

Mineral Springs Hospital

At the Mineral Springs Hospital, patients enjoy the relative privacy of a 25-bed facility with one to two beds per room, and the attentive service that comes with a small ward. For procedures performed in Mineral Springs Hospital, there is not the same urgency to discharge patients that exists in the city hospitals. Our patients enjoy the view from their rooms or the outdoor deck that overlooks the river. Even the food is enjoyable. CBC food critic John Gilchrist reviewed the hospital’s food a few years ago and was impressed. His only complaint: they did not serve wine!