Breast Reduction Alberta: One Patient's Journey

“After three children and many years of wondering what it would be like to “fix” my very large breasts, last March, I booked a hotel in Banff, made the 5-hour journey, and walked into a consultation. It was such a nice surprise to walk into an office that had a spa like atmosphere and such warm and welcoming staff. Banff Plastic Surgery made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions, spending ample amount of time easing my anxieties and understanding I had not yet made up my mind on the whole ordeal. 

“I had over the years of my contemplation, researched many surgeons and knew from the beginning I wanted a woman, if anyone was going to look at my body. Then in walked Dr. Hall-Findlay, and confirmed I had made the right decision. Her confidence and expertise put any fears or reservations I had at ease. We discussed a few different scenarios and decided that a reduction was my best option. I wanted smaller breasts. I was a DD at my smallest since my teenage years and a “K” when nursing. The large breasts were very heavy, stretched out, and had served their purpose in my opinion. I had nursed all my children and deserved this! I thought about it all night and before making the journey home, booked my surgery, which was only a few months wait! I was thrilled and had something to look forward to.

“When I came into the office on surgery day, I once again had wonderful nursing staff and the surgeon spend ample time with me discussing what I wanted for results. I wanted to be reduced to a “B” cup which was a dramatic change but I knew that if I was going to do this,  once in a lifetime procedure, I would want to be dramatically smaller. Dr.Hall-Findlay said she would do her best and although she recommended a “C” for me, that she would get be as small as she could that would be reasonable with my body shape. 

“Following the surgery, my recovery went well. I loved my new profile and smaller breasts! I felt youthful and sexy. I could walk around without a bra supporting all this excess weight. I was thrilled and to this day, I do not regret getting this done. It was the best decision and gift I could possibly give myself and this clinic exceeded all my expectations and gave me such a wonderful experience and most importantly the results I alway dreamed of. Nine months post surgery there is little puckering that Dr. Hall-Findlay is ready to fix for me, and really can be expected with the dramatic tissue and fat that was reduced, 2 cups from each breast. I am excited to do my final touch up in the upcoming months and I truly believe that this surgeon is a genius in her field. Genius in her field. I could just hug her with how happy I am. If you are considering undergoing such a procedure, I couldn’t imagine booking anywhere else, but don’t take my word for it, book a consultation for yourself, you have nothing to lose!”

-J. (Breast Reduction Patient)