new years resolution fitness goals

Making a New Year’s resolution is easy — you don’t even need to write it down or say it out loud. Turning that resolution into a reality is a different story entirely, though, especially when it comes to fitness resolutions. We can all imagine ourselves living a healthier life — cooking nutritious meals, being more active — but the truth is that it takes long-term changes to your schedule, lifestyle and habits to make a real difference. At the turn of the new year, it can feel refreshing to make these kinds of changes. But when your schedule starts to fill up and you fall back into your old routine, new habits often get left by the wayside. This year, try these helpful hints — they are small adjustments that can make a big difference in making your fitness resolutions last.

Set Manageable Goals

While you should always aim high, one of the biggest mistakes people make with their fitness goals is trying to do everything at once. It is very difficult to go from a daily schedule that does not account for working out to one that involves an hour or two at the gym every day, not to mention additional aspirations like healthy meal preparation or tracking your weight loss. Instead of getting frustrated when you can’t keep up with the sudden overhaul of your daily routine, try adding each item one by one. This gives you time to adjust to small changes so the process feels less overwhelming. For example, try starting out by going to the gym once a week. When this feels comfortable, bump that up to two times a week. Then, add weekend meal planning, and so forth. Before you know it, you will be living a healthier lifestyle without even noticing the effort involved.

Dr Hall-Findlay, as an example, participates in sports such as snowkiting, but she readily admits that she doesn’t like exercise. She envies her colleagues and friends who seem to enjoy a heavy workout. She cannot think of anything worse! Instead she “tricks” herself to work on her elliptical by using it for her favourite reading time – she loves detective novels, and ends up working out longer than planned so that she can get to the next chapter.

Try New Things

Another trap to avoid is structuring your new fitness plan too much. If after your first few weeks you have to force yourself to get on the treadmill or eat another plain salad, it might be time to look into alternatives. Your health does not need to be a chore — there are so many ways to get exercise that there is sure to be a physical activity you can turn into a hobby. Try outdoor activities — here in Banff, the natural landscape is perfect for everything from mountain biking to snowshoeing — or the myriad of fitness classes available at local gyms and studios. Eating well, too, does not mean that you have to limit yourself to the same lean meat and vegetables. Keeping your health regimen exciting and new will help it last longer, and when you find a routine you enjoy then your resolution can last a lifetime.

Strength in Numbers

The first few months of sticking to your new resolution might be a tough adjustment, but one other way to overcome that is to find a friend who can commit to making these changes with you. A fitness partner can be exactly what you need to make sure you get to the gym after a long day, or to remind you to get the side salad instead of the French fries. Not only will the extra support help you get through times when you feel like giving up, but knowing that you have someone to share your struggle can make the process less stressful. And, with modern fitness technology, staying connected to your workout buddy is easier than ever. Fitness apps can function as a social media platform for your health, and wearable trackers can add an element of friendly competition to your workouts — all while giving you a platform to track your own progress, too.

Patients who have seen Dr Hall-Findlay know that she does not want you to look at surgery as a shortcut to proper fitness and ideal body weight. Who doesn’t want to feel more comfortable in clothes or bathing suits? With this goal in mind, you might find that your motivation to get in shape stays stronger through January and beyond. Patients will come to see Dr Hall-Findlay because she will “tell the truth” and encourage you to look at other options rather than surgery if that is the case. She really does want to do “the right thing for the right patient at the right time for the right reason”. If you want to find out whether you are a candidate for surgery, contact Banff Plastic Surgery today at 403-762-2055 and schedule a consultation.