Breast Augmentation patient

Women in every stage of life can find themselves dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts. Younger women may feel that their natural breasts are too small to complement their body shape, while older women might find that time has changed their breasts in unwanted ways. These concerns can be frustrating and may make women lose confidence in their bodies and their appearance, even causing them to avoid certain clothing or social settings. For many of these women, breast augmentation surgery can restore their self-esteem and allow them to feel more comfortable in their bodies, no matter where they are or what they’re wearing. And fortunately, breast augmentation is available to women of all ages — the only requirements are that your concerns align with the surgery’s purpose and that your physical health is good enough for you to safely undergo a surgical procedure.

Of course, age does factor into your surgeon’s particular approach to your augmentation. There are considerations to make based on women’s unique needs at different stages of life. This guide can help you understand what these considerations may be, and how your age might affect your breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation in Your 20s

Young women are often at peak health, which makes them great candidates for breast augmentation. In your 20s, your body and skin will heal easily from a surgical procedure, and you will likely adjust quickly to your implants with minimal visible scarring. However, it’s vital that younger women seeking breast augmentations are both finished growing and are interested in augmentation for the right reasons. Operating on breasts that are still growing may result in undesirable changes to breast appearance that leave the results of your surgery looking disproportionate to your body. Unless there is significant asymmetry or extenuating circumstances, it is standard practice to require that breast augmentation candidates are at least 21 years of age.

As for the latter point, a surgeon may respectfully inquire about a patient’s intentions during an in-person consultation. Young women often acutely feel social pressures to look a certain way, and it’s important to seek a breast augmentation for yourself and not for others. At Banff Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure that surgeries like breast augmentations are empowering our patients rather than enforcing social beauty standards.

Breast Augmentation in Your 30s

Women in their 30s are the most common candidates for breast augmentations. This statistic makes sense for a number of reasons. For one, women at this age are typically in excellent health: just like women in their 20s, they are likely to have excellent results, a speedy, seamless recovery, and little visible scarring. Additionally, many enjoy financial stability that allows them to fully cover the cost of breast augmentation. And finally, women in their 30s often have a more mature outlook toward the surgery — they may be more likely to deliberate over the decision and be sure it’s what they want for themselves.

 But with this more mature phase of life comes certain caveats that women in their 30s should take into account. First, if you are planning on having children — or more children — your surgeon may counsel you to wait until your family is complete. Pregnancy and breastfeeding may interfere with your augmentation results. If you are planning to have children soon, then it might be better to wait. On the other hand, if children are not in your plans for the near future, then you might want to enjoy your new look in the meantime. These are concerns you will discuss with your surgeon during your consultation — they will ask about your current lifestyle and future goals to be sure that a breast augmentation aligns.

 Breast Augmentation in Your 40s

Usually, women in their 40s are finished having children or are well-established in their career, making them ideal candidates for breast augmentations in terms of fitting the surgery into their lives. Breast augmentations can be an especially excellent choice for mothers who have found that childbearing has left their breasts asymmetrical, sagging or deflated. An augmentation can help restore volume and symmetry, bringing back a more youthful appearance and helping women feel more in control of their body after unwanted changes have occurred over the years.

Many women in this phase of life also choose to combine their augmentation with a breast lift, or mastopexy, which corrects loosened breast skin resulting in breasts that sit lower on the chest wall than before. Mothers may also choose to have these procedures performed as part of a mommy makeover, a series of plastic surgeries that address common postpartum concerns such as breast sagging, stubborn fat and stretched abdominal skin.

 Breast Augmentation at 50 and Beyond

Thousands of women over 50 undergo plastic surgery every year, and breast augmentation surgery is not uncommon among the procedures they choose. Women of all ages can feel self-conscious about their breasts, and most plastic surgeons’ offices — Banff Plastic Surgery included — make it their goal to restore complete confidence to all of their clients. As long as you are in overall good health, preferably a non-smoker, and have no known health conflicts, there is no “age limit” for breast implants. Banff Plastic Surgery has treated women in their ‘70s who have finally decided that it is time to treat themselves to something that they have always wanted. They have spent their whole lives taking care of others – and now it is their turn. Just like augmentation candidates of other ages, you will need to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation so they can determine if a breast augmentation is safe for you and the right choice for your needs and goals.

No matter your age, Banff Plastic Surgery welcomes you to visit us for an in-person consultation. Our expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, will meet with you and discuss your goals, your medical history, your lifestyle and more to determine if a breast augmentation makes sense for you at this stage of your life. Our practice is dedicated to our patients’ safety and satisfaction — above all else, we ensure that you’ll receive the right treatment for your needs and that your results will help you love yourself and your appearance. Start your breast augmentation journey today by contacting our office in Banff, Alberta at 403-762-2055 to schedule your consultation.