The experience I had at Dr. Hall-Findlay’s office was positive, thorough, and eminently comfortable.  From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are the only patient they are seeing that day. Every process that happens is explained to you from start to finish, with utmost patience and respect. For me, having wanted a breast augmentation surgery for nearly 20yrs, I had anxiety of what to actually expect, or what I really wanted as an end result. Once my before pictures were taken, the nurse gave me samples of sizes to look at and try on if I wanted to.  That was kinda fun, but it wasn’t until Dr. Hall-Findlay came in and discussed my breast footprint in its absolute entirety that it sunk in, I had picked the best doctor. She listened to me. We went over everything concerning the position, amount of tissue my breast had, and the best size for my body type and figure. She showed me pictures, measurements, and end results of previous surgeries. I left the office over the moon with excitement.Two months later I was back in the office for my surgery. The nurse and anesthetist assigned, relieved me of all my anxiety of what happened next. I woke up to happy, smiling faces and my new assets! Everything was perfect.

After a few days, I actually cried because I wanted to do it all again. It was like waiting for a trip of a lifetime, you go, then it’s over.

Recovery was amazing.  Very descriptive instructions were given, and everything was on point! They called me exactly when they said they would.

It’s been over six weeks now, and I can’t remember my old breasts. They are perfect for my body, and when I look in the mirror I still see ‘me’. I absolutely love the end result. Three days before my surgery, my friend had me convinced to go bigger and when I asked Dr. Hall-Findlay if I should do so, she kindly reminded me of what I wanted and the best size for my body. I can’t thank her enough for doing that. Having a doctor that not only listens to you 100% but remembers everything you tell her, is beyond anything I could have asked for. From start to finish, the whole office gave me the best experience possible. Thank you so, so much.