“She is THE BEST!!”

“Dr Hall-Findlay and her team are absolute experts! From the initial consultation, through surgery, post op and follow up, my experience was flawless. I was thoroughly educated, felt very at ease, love my results and would absolutely recommend you to see her. She is THE BEST!!”

“…I am literally a new person, I could cry just thinking about it.”

“Yesterday, I finally went bathing suit and clothes shopping and I am literally a new person, I could cry just thinking about it. I used to always wear a bra under swim suits – and now I don’t have to!

I am so much more confident naked and in clothes!! The scars – are almost non-existent!! I was so afraid of how bad the scars would be as I have seen and heard of so many bad stories – but with Dr. Hall-Findlay’s method the scars are VERY, VERY, VERY minor!

People keep asking how much weight I have lost (only lost a few pounds) but I look like I lost 20 lbs because my chest is much smaller.

I can do so much more – I can finally jog without being self conscious about my boobs bouncing all over the place, no more headaches, no more horrible boob sweat or itchy boobs, no more slouching to hide my boobs, no more keeping my hair down to cover my chest, and no more trying to alter clothes to fit properly!

I would have never imagined it would impact me so positively.

My only regret is why didn’t I do this sooner and why didn’t I find Dr. Hall Findlay sooner. ”

“Dr. Hall-Findlay is both an expert in her field and a warm and caring doctor.”

“When I began researching surgeons to entrust with breast reduction surgery, it was crystal clear that Dr. Hall-Findlay was the only choice for me. I knew I wanted the gentle touch of a female surgeon and Dr. Hall-Findlay came highly recommended from within a community of RN’s in Calgary.

Dr. Hall-Findlay is both an expert in her field and a warm and caring doctor. She’s forthright about surgical outcomes and doesn’t “sell” during the consultation; she provides her patients with exactly the information they need to make informed decisions. I’m so pleased with the size and overall appearance (the accompanying breast lift with the reduction is incredible!) and for the first time in my adult life, I’ve stopped obsessing over my body. This is a gift! It’s been almost 2 years since Dr. Hall-Findlay performed my reduction and I still wake with gratitude for the beautiful transformation. Thank you, Dr. Hall-Findlay, for taking exceptional care of me.”

“…now, 6 months later, I know it was the perfect decision.”

“Dear Dr. Hall Findlay, thank you so much for your incredible work with me. I appreciate that you made me feel secure in my decision in the fall, and now, 6 months later, I know it was the perfect decision. I am more confident now than I’ve ever been in my life and I owe that to you and your team! Thank you x∞!” – K.G., March 2019

“…the best decision I have made in the last year.”

“Has been the best decision I have made in the last year.  Despite the complications, have not regretted my choice for a single second”. August 2018

“The explanation was thorough”

“The explanation was thorough.  Loved the use of technology to show visually what could be done.  Felt like I had as much time as I wanted/needed to understand the process, to ask questions and to clarify anything.  You run a very aligned organization system.  Everyone fulfilled their role fully.  I like the fact that you require post-surgery caregivers, that I always feel like I can call the office with any questions and never be turned away”. August 2018

“You are all amazing…”

You are all amazing and the care at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital was the best (the food was very good too!)”. August 2018

“…your office is just simply that good”

“I am the last person to give such a great review but your office is just simply that good”. August 2018

“The follow-up and post care were exceptional.”

“Unfortunately, I did have a hematoma 2 ½ weeks after initial surgery.  The follow-up and post care were exceptional, I always felt comfortable and in the best hands”. August 2018

“I felt very well informed.”

“I felt very well informed.  The videos went through most of the information beforehand and all of my other questions were answered during my appointments. I felt so well taken care of from the second I inquired about a consultation until the present.  I’ve already recommended your clinic to many family members and friends”.

“The office is beautifully ran.”

“The office is beautifully ran.  I felt comfortable and well taken care right from the get-go. Not to mention I am over the moon with my results.  Well done all, and thank you”.  August 2018

“Dr. Hall-Findlay was very detailed and honest”

“Dr. Hall-Findlay was very detailed and honest.  There was no pitch or sales gimmicks – she explained everything very clearly, making it easy to manage my expectations”. August 2018

“Thank you once again”

“I just wanted to thank Dr. Hall-Findlay for taking the time to explain the surgery pre-op and taking the time to come and see me post-op and explain what she expects and what is to be expected post-op.  For a busy Surgeon to come and sit down with you prior to surgery and after the surgery was very important to me and has made a lasting impression that she is concerned about the health and well being of her patients.  Thank you once again”. August 2018

“I can only repeat ‘thank you’…”

I honestly would provide you with any other feedback if I had any. Your organization system is so aligned from your vision of what you do, to your processes, to your people. You provide not only technical expertise in your procedures as the head but also leadership to ensure that the customer experience is nothing short of completely integrated. It really is superb. I now can use my own experience with you and your organization as a personal example when I am consulting with my clients about their customer value propositions. I can only repeat ‘thank you’ and am patient for that continued half bra size reduction to happen! I am a very delighted client. Now if only you had wandered that lipo stick a little further down to my old belly…😬. See you in four months!

“Already my body feels better…”

Thirty years ago, I decided to have breast augmentation. Almost from the start I regretted that decision. Why the regret? Well, my breasts did not feel natural to me. They were larger than I expected and they felt hard and unnatural. I was reluctant to hug people. I could only sleep on my back and the breasts felt heavy and uncomfortable. As the years passed, my breasts became harder and looked and felt foreign to me. Recently, I had the implants removed and had a Mastopexy (breast lift). I feel great and I am very happy with the decision. I should have a Mastopexy from the start.

“…I couldn’t be happier with my results…”

A lifetime of gaining and losing weight had left me with odd fat and skin deposits on my stomach, no amount of exercise seemed to change the contour. So I just never showed my abdomen-ever- to anyone. I wore only specific clothing that could sufficiently hide the unsightly silhouette. When I look back on it now I just think ‘what an exhausting way to live’

I didn’t think there was fix for it at the time- I assumed it would just be something I would always be self-conscious about and would have to keep covered with clothing.

I’d spent a couple of summers in Banff and had heard about a Surgeon who practiced there so I started researching and found out that she did drain free abdominoplasties and could remove the skin and fat deposits. I traveled to Banff Plastic Surgery to have a consultation.They truly are a wonderful group of people and after that initial meeting, I came to look forward to my follow up appointments.

I met with Dr. Hall Findlay and I was immediately put to ease with her good-natured manner, her honesty and how familiar she was with problems like mine. She was very straightforward about what she felt was possible and what the downsides could be and I never felt rushed in our consult or by any of the surgical or office staff. In fact, I felt like the most important person in that practice that day and I booked my surgery before I left the office.

I vividly remember waking up after my abdominoplasty and looking at my stomach in the mirror for the first time. I could see a bellybutton! There was always folds of skin and tissue covering my old one. I knew there would be an aesthetic improvement but I did not expect the result I got. I had a flat stomach- it seemed too good to be true. I felt really good physically after surgery-better than I expected. There was some discomfort initially and I really wanted to walk with a hunch so as not to straighten up but the surgical staff worked with me straight away to get me up and walking straight. I recovered very well and was able to return to normal activities within a couple of weeks.

After surgery I felt comfortable in clothes for the first time; actually, I think I just felt comfortable in my skin for the first time. I hadn’t realized how much of a negative effect my stomach had on my confidence. Now- 10 years later- I find it’s truly my best feature.

It took quite some time- about 2 years- but my incision/scar aged incredibly well and is visible only as a thin white line now.

When I decided to fix my tubular breasts with a breast lift and fat injections there was only one place I considered. I was thrilled to discover that I was able to reconnect with many of the same surgical and office staff that had been there 10 years ago during my abdominoplasty and I think that retention of staff speaks volumes to the environment at the facility. It seems like everyone who works there genuinely enjoys being there.

As with my first surgery, the Doctor, nurses, and staff were there for absolutely anything I needed. It’s not your typical medical appointment or procedure- I felt truly cared for and supported through the entire process. I could always get a hold of someone with questions or concerns before and after surgery and I always appreciated how quickly they got back to be. Surgery can be a scary thing for a patient and they really supported me through the whole process. They do so many procedures that I’m sure surgery is just business as usual for them but I never felt that they were complacent; I always felt that they were incredibly thorough and that I was getting the highest level of care at all times. I really appreciated that.

As with my first surgery, I expected an improvement but I didn’t know I could have breasts like this. I feel as if I’ve been transported back in time into a younger version of myself. I saw a significant improvement in the shape of my breasts after the lift and noticed this wonderful ‘filling out’ from the fat injections- they’re gorgeous. I have a thin red scar around my areola and running down both breasts that is starting to scar nicely. I had a lot of swelling and bruising post surgery from the fat injections and liposuction but it was not a painful surgery at all and I was able to resume normal activities after a week or so.

Dr. Hall Findlay’s understanding of anatomy is quite beautiful. It’s clear that an artists heart beats in her. I felt like she really listened to what I wanted and what I considered to be beautiful aesthetically. I came out with exactly what I had asked for and I couldn’t be happier with my results.

“Your generosity is appreciated greatly…”

Thank you so much for your care and kindness in this experience. Your generosity is appreciated greatly. Without your guidance, talent and thoughtfulness it is very unlikely I would have been brave enough to proceed. I am so glad I did. Already my body feels better.

“I can’t thank you enough…”

Thank you for everything. But mostly for having such passion for your craft. Knowing how much you love doing what you do made it easy for me to choose you as my PS! Let’s not forget your compassion. From your empathy at my consult to holding my hand in the OR – I can’t thank you enough. You are an absolute gem!!

“This entire process…has been exemplary & far surpasses all of my expectations…”

A quick note to express my sincere gratitude & appreciation. To say you are a master magician would be an understatement. You told me you couldn’t give me 20 year old breasts. You gave me much better! You’ve restored my self-confidence to a level it’s never been before. The transformation you’ve given me has transcended merely physical. This entire process from my very first phone call to final follow up has been exemplary & far surpasses all of my expectations. Thank you to you & your staff.

“Your staff is awesome, you are awesome…”

Thank-you for all your hard work. Thank –you for giving me confidence back. Most of all thank-you for CARING. Your staff is awesome, you are awesome.

“I am deeply grateful to you…”

Although the changes that you made were physical, the surgery has given me one of the greatest senses of relief I’ve ever experienced. I am deeply grateful to you and your nurses for having made such a profound difference in my life.

“I’d go back in a heartbeat…”

I was very happy with how the staff treated me from the second I walked in the door. I was so nervous and the staff took such awesome care of me literally all day! I’d go back in a heartbeat. Dr. H-F is hands down the most honest amazing plastic surgeon I have met. One thing I wish is that my “love handles” be taking in a bit more otherwise everything is great.

“…My care was excellent & way beyond my expectations…”

As a nurse I am very picky about any medical care I receive and I can say without hesitation that my experience with Dr. Hall-Findlay was the best I’ve ever had with a physician both personally and professionally. From initial consult to her being present in the OR as I was being put under to my post op visits in hospital and follow-up care my care was excellent and way beyond my expectations.

“You have given me confidence back…”

I cannot thank you enough for how you have helped me. I should have done this years ago. I will be forever thankful. You have given me confidence back.

“Thank you for taking such great care of me…”

Thank you for taking such great care of me. You made me feel so confident in you & the “enhancement” has made me feel like myself again! Thank you for being so great at what you do!

“A huge thank you Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay…”

A huge thank you Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay and her wonderful staff for taking such good care of me and taking the time to put my mind at ease…many times!! Thank you!!

“Dr. Hall-Findlay & her team were exceptional…”

I was very nervous at first and ambivalent about going through with the procedure. Dr. Hall-Findlay and her team were exceptional. Their professionalism, high standards and evidence based knowledge helped me make an informed decision that I could feel good about in the end. I am immensely satisfied with the results, have no regrets and have recommended them to others.

“Very knowledgeable, experienced, honest & professional…”

Very knowledgeable, experienced, honest and professional. She fully reviewed the pros and cons with me as well as education me on the procedure, the risks and the many options to choose from. Her guidance and expertise helped me make a decision that was right for my body type and my life style. I also loved the fact that she is female and truly understands what women’s breasts are like: this also helped me feel more at ease and to trust her.

“You are all amazing!”

I would like to thank you all for your professionalism and making my experience with Banff Plastic Surgery seamless!! Especially of the day of the surgery, I am so grateful for the care received! You are all amazing!

“Once again you have changed my life…”

This comes with my appreciation and many thanks to you for all your efforts on my behalf. Once again you have changed my life. Thank-you.

“From a very grateful patient…”

To all those who took care of me, made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions, thank you! From a very grateful patient.

“Cannot thank you enough for giving me my body back…”

Just a quick note of thanks to you for all you did for me. I am slowly on the mend and am unbelievably pleased with the results, and am still utterly amazed with the results of my abdominoplasty!! Cannot thank you enough for giving me my body back.

“Thank you so much for everything…”

It would be impossible to overstate the impact your amazing skills have had on the women in our family. We are so grateful and appreciative of your surgical excellence as well as the team of caring and informed people you have created and maintained. Thank you so much for everything.

“What an absolutely amazing experience…”

What an absolutely amazing experience – right from the get-go. I cannot stop talking about your outstanding practice. The warmth, friendliness, professionalism, integrity, knowledge, care, every detail looked after, fun, happy, cheerful, positive people…wow!!

“Thank you so much for being super wonderful!”

Thank you so much for being super wonderful! You and your staff have been so helpful and informative. I can’t thank you enough. Much appreciated.

“I have been thrilled beyond belief with the results…”

Thank you for everything over the last couple of years. I have been thrilled beyond belief with the results. You and your staff could act as the perfect model for patient care & client relations. Thank you very much.

“A million thank-you’s for improving my overall wellbeing & self-esteem…”

A million thank-you’s for improving my overall wellbeing and self-esteem. My breast reduction surgery has been a very positive experience for me. Your skilled talents amaze me. I would also like to say thank-you to you for being so compassionate and understanding. Your mannerism took the edge off any discomfort I was feeling. I look forward to a fabulous summer!

“I am very, very happy!”

I am elated with you and your company’s professionalism. I love how honest Dr. Hall-Findlay is and the manner in which she explained to us the procedure and recovery. Everyone was so wonderful: from the initial call to set up the consultation to the follow-up appointment, service and procedure is top notch in my mind. I am very, very happy!

“…You sure made me feel individual & special!!”

Thank you for all your incredible care, patience and wisdom throughout my decision to have & actual surgery! I know you do this every day, but you sure made me feel individual and special!!

“A heartfelt thank-you to all of you…”

I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank-you to all of you. Dr. Hall-Findlay, thanks so much for making me feel so comfortable about having the surgery I had and making me happy about the decision to have this procedure done. I want to thank your wonderful staff, what a friendly and helpful bunch! All of you made me and my husband comfortable and we enjoyed your sense of humor and positive attitudes. I also want to thank the anesthesiologist, I’m sorry I can’t remember your name, for taking me to Bali and back safely. It was a pleasure to meet you. The attention you gave me before, during and after the surgery has been wonderful. I feel very comfortable with you people and would certainly come back to you for any other plastic surgery I am considering.

“You all added a tenderness to something that is usually quite clinical.”

I just want to say thank you to all of you for being so kind and thoughtful to me from the first day I walked into your office in February. In February I had to change my surgery date, when I told you that it was due to the untimely loss of my brother I never expected such kindness. It truly touched my heart that you & your staff took the time to send me a sympathy card. Everything went so smoothly. I am so happy I had this surgery done and chose you and your staff. You all added a tenderness to something that is usually quite clinical.

“Dr. Hall-Findlay is the most personable doctor I’ve met…”

Thanks for the information already sent. Dr. Hall-Findlay is the most personable doctor I’ve met in a long time and that plus the pleasant office people make this a stress-free worry free procedure for me. Thanks.

“I am so happy I chose her & her team…”

You really cannot get much better than Dr. Hall-Findlay and her incredible staff. They are always so kind and professional, everyone from the receptionist to the nurses, the anesthesiologist to the photographer and of course, Dr. Hall-Findlay. I am not someone who is confident with their body at all, but somehow this team makes me forget some of these insecurities and can even make me laugh while I’m shirtless. Unfortunately, my body is one of those ones who doesn’t like to cooperate which I’m sure has caused Dr. Hall-Findlay a bit of a headache as I have had to have a revision, but she has done it with grace and professionalism at all times. I am so happy I chose her and her team as they have had my back since day 1 through this whole experience. I appreciate her honesty and my natural result.

“I am extremely satisfied with my surgery…”

My sister had a breast reduction using the other method (with the full cut underneath) and I would consider your method far superior, as the same result is achieved with fewer incisions and far less healing time. I am extremely satisfied with my surgery. It has truly changed my life as my physical and mental health have improved tenfold with my increased physical activity and much improved self-esteem.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful care & for your generosity!”

Thank you so much for the wonderful care and for your generosity! The consistently high level of care and professionalism provided by each member of your team is truly admirable.

“I look forward to seeing you again…”

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the care I received. My experience was very positive. Thank you for taking the time to explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. I am very pleased with the final results. I look forward to seeing you again in June.

“Thank you so much for all your time, & effort & skill…”

Thank you so much for all your time, and effort and skill. My daughter is so happy and what incredible results so far! I also thank you for your ethical decision regarding the “other operation” Very wise for all concerned!

“I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hall-Findlay…”

Dr. Hall-Findlay and her staff are truly the model for our health care system. From the initial consultation to the surgery, I felt I had made an excellent choice in choosing this surgeon. Dr. Hall-Findlay is a woman of excellence and it resonated throughout the process. She is an effective communicator and ensures her clients are fully armed with all necessary information to make an informed decision. The follow up after the surgery exceeds expectations. I was so pleased with the results that a couple days after the surgery I booked an abdominoplasty which was completed in March this year. Again the results were amazing. I was quite nervous about this particular surgery, however recovery was so much better than I expected. I was back to work after two weeks, because I felt that good. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hall-Findlay and personally would not consider anyone else. She is in a league of her own. Deep gratitude and thank to Dr. Hall-Findlay and her staff for the outstanding care and results.

“This woman is everything you want in a doctor…”

My daughter saw Dr. Hall-Findlay 6 years ago for a breast reduction! This woman is everything you want in a doctor. She is caring. Compassionate. Has a sense of humor. Professional. Beyond intelligent. Extremely well educated. Up to date on the latest and greatest media issues. I have the utmost respect for her and her practice! She is worth every minute you spend with her! She makes you feel like your old friends. Best experience we ever had!

“Thank you for a great experience…”

Just wanted to send you a note, to you and your staff, to thank you for a great experience. Your staff and your self are wonderful and I felt very well cared for while at your facility.

“I appreciate your great work & that you have yet another satisfied patient!”

My reason for writing to you is to say thank you. Moving to a new city and meeting new people was made that much easier knowing that they weren’t all staring at my chest. I feel as though this is how I was always meant to be made! I don’t want to sound all gushy or anything, but you have helped me a great deal. I have way more confidence and am actually glad that tights shirts are in! Anyways, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your great work and that you have yet another satisfied patient!

“You’ve changed my life…”

It’s been ¾ of a year since my surgery and I want to thank you: You’ve changed my life. The thank you goes to all of you, not just Dr. Hall-Findlay. Her skill and years of knowledge resized me in a manner that added a lovely aesthetic to the work. But it was your nursing staff who helped me control my fear of surgery and gave me tools for the recovery process. It was the administration at the front desk and on the phones who smiled and treated me in a professional manner when I called. And the combination of discretion with organization earns your accounting folks a huge thank you.

“Thank you whole heartedly for helping me…”

I want to let you and your most excellent staff know how much I appreciated the immediate and compassionate assistance I was given when I was first learning and attempting to absorb the unimaginable information that I had cancer of my breast. I will never forget how willing you and your office were to help me, comfort me and educate me in the midst of this awful nightmare I’m experiencing. And I hadn’t really become a patient of yours; yet. Truly, you were the people who picked me up after that first, and horribly delivered, blow. I am blessed to have had you direct me. I will never forget the time you took to talk to me on the phone. You gave me a reality check. I will be forever grateful for that woman to woman. I have a difficult time being aware of what the positives are. However, Dr. Hall-Findlay, when I think of you, and what you did for me, you are one of the positives. Thank you whole heartedly for helping me.

“Your staff are second to none…”

Not only do we believe that you are an incredible surgeon and without equal, but that your staff are second to none as well.

“I would also like to compliment you on your choice of staff…”

My husband and I would also like to compliment you on your choice of staff. They are all super. It makes one so much more relaxed and happy when the staff is that way as well.

“I just had to write & congratulate you on receiving the ‘Women of Distinction’ award…”

I realize this is very belated, but, I just had to write and congratulate you on receiving the “women of Distinction” award. It is definitely an award you most richly deserve. Not only for your work within your profession, which is wonderful, but as well for the contribution you have made as a very positive role model for young women.

“I am honored to be a patient of yours!”

Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did on my abdominoplasty. I am thrilled with how you made my body look after years of frustration. You are a remarkable person overall and your genuineness and openness are memorable. I am honored to be a patient of yours! Many Thanks.

“I am so thrilled with my surgery…”

It has been almost 2 years since I had my breast reduction and I wanted to touch base with you. You were so kind and considerate when I went through my surgery. I am so thrilled with my surgery. I cannot thank you enough for the changes you have made to me.

“I am very happy with the results…”

Thank you for everything. I am recuperating very well and I am very surprized by the speedy recovery. My doctor says I am healing very well, everything looks good and to take it easy. Which suits me fine. My husband likes vacuuming anyways. Thanks again for your time and your special care. I am very happy with the results.

“I appreciate your help…”

Just wanted you to know how very much I appreciate your help. Thank you for your time, patience and care for me while I was in the hospital.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me…”

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me on my recent surgery. I couldn’t believe I was up and around so quickly.

“This couldn’t have possibly been any easier, more comfortable operation…”

This couldn’t have possibly been any easier, more comfortable operation. I wasn’t frightened or worried and I attribute that to you, your skill and care for us patients. Again, Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

“Thank you for making our stay a pleasant and relaxing one…”

We would like to thank you for making our stay a pleasant and relaxing one. We would like to say that the staff from the ladies at the front desk to the nurses in the back were friendly, kind and caring. Due to the atmosphere of the office from yourself and your staff made the whole experience very relaxing.

“Thanks again for everything – especially the TLC…”

The next time I’m back that way I’ll stop in so you can see the master piece. Thanks again for everything – especially the TLC while I was having my panic attack. I felt so much better after I spoke with you. Also, thank you for spending so much time talking with me, it was great.

“I definitely feel I made the right choice…”

Thank you for your expertise and for making me feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. Having been through several consults and deciding on you as my surgeon, I definitely feel I made the right choice. Your personality and skill together made a perfect combination. I would absolutely recommend your services to any of my friends and family. And to all your amazing staff! Your expert care at the facility was far beyond my expectations.

“You & your staff adds such a personal touch…”

Thank you very much for everything. You and your staff adds such a personal touch it’s like being at home and being pampered. Truly nice. Please thank everyone for me.

“Thanks for all that you did for me…”

I’m sure that you have heard it many times before but I would like to add my thanks. You offer a wonderful service and the extra care and attention are exceptional. Thanks for all that you did for me.

“I am particularly appreciative…”

Please accept my belated and sincere thanks for your expertise and talent in performing my surgery. Your staff members (who say wonderful things about you!) provided exemplary care and I felt that I sailed smoothly through the entire experience. As a physician myself, I am particularly appreciative of the experience and skill that went into my surgery.

“You truly do make a difference…”

I can’t thank you enough for the exceptional care I received while a patient in your centre. Working in the health care profession myself, I truly appreciate how “rare” you all are and I strongly support the principles from which you practice. Please continue your great work, you truly do make a difference.

“The professionalism of you & your staff as well as the thoroughness & kindness made everything smooth…”

The professionalism of you & your staff as well as the thoroughness & kindness made everything smooth & easier to go through for an over anxious person like me!

“You are all worth your weight in gold…”

Just wanted to thank all of you for such a very wonderful, positive experience. A special thanks of course to Dr. Hall-Findlay for your magic & expertise. Also to the rest of the staff. You are all worth your weight in gold. Take care & much success in the future.

“Thank you for everything…”

I would just like to say thank you for everything, and you all made everything so easy on me and made me feel right at ease during my operation!

“I appreciate that you & your staff were so kind to me…”

You have no idea how much I appreciate that you and your staff were so kind to me. There has been many times when I have felt caught up in a system that few people really understand what is at the other end of the “problem”. So again, Thank you!

“Now my life is far better…”

Around five month ago I was to live each day knowing that I was different in a way I definitely didn’t want to be. Every day there were whispers and glances. Now my life is far better. I’m living it happily and without fear and shyness.

This small operation had an enormous effect on my self-confidence…

Thirteen years ago, when you still did facial procedures, you created for me a beautiful new nose. This small operation had an enormous effect on my self-confidence, and not a day goes by when I am not grateful for and appreciative of my straight, graceful nose. I always meant to let you know what a positive change your skill and artistry made in my life, but somehow thirteen years has slipped by. But better late than never, so – thank you!