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The Right Procedure

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a medical condition that plagues many Canadians today — according to the Canadian Dermatology Association, an estimated 3 percent of the population, or approximately 950,000 people, struggle with this condition. Unfortunately, most do not know that this embarrassing and frustrating problem can often be effectively and even permanently treated through a variety of non-surgical methods. One of those procedures, an increasingly popular and non-invasive treatment known as miraDry, is now available at Banff Plastic Surgery, giving our patients a long-lasting option for combating their unwanted and excessive underarm sweating.

miraDry uses a specialized handheld tool that emits controlled electromagnetic energy, rather than requiring surgical techniques to achieve results. The proprietary energy technology, called miraWave, delivers a precise heating and cooling effect to your underarms. After a numbing agent is applied to your underarms, the non-invasive handheld tool is placed carefully over the area using a unique guide that’s been customized to your body and concerns. As the device works, the heat energy targets your overactive sweat glands — as they absorb the heat, they sustain significant damage and effectively shut down. Meanwhile, the cooling energy is applied to the surrounding skin and tissues, ensuring you are kept comfortable and that your other underarm tissues are not similarly affected by the heat. In the time following your treatment, your body will collect the damaged sweat and odor glands and dispose of them through natural waste elimination processes. What’s more, your glands won’t grow back — after miraDry, you can enjoy significantly reduced underarm sweat and odor, permanently.

While miraDry is an effective option for many patients battling hyperhidrosis, it is not the only treatment available today. Our expert surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, is committed to ensuring that all of our patients receive the highest quality of care, which means recommending and providing only the treatment or treatments that best fit their needs. We will help you find a solution to this challenging condition that often has a significant impact on your personal, professional and social interactions, and we will ensure that it is just the right solution for you.

The Right Patient

The right candidates for miraDry are men and women who are embarrassed about excessive underarm sweating. This problem is typically caused by overactive sweat glands that do not “shut off” — normal sweat glands usually only produce sweat when the body is overheating, generally as a result of external temperatures, exercise or neurological reactions like anxiety or nervousness. But overactive glands produce sweat much more frequently and at inappropriate or unwanted times. Overactive glands end up producing more sweat than necessary to cool the body and keep it at a comfortable temperature. This overproduction also results in excessive sweat that soaks through clothing and may be accompanied by significant odor. The overall effects can leave a person feeling self-conscious to the point of avoiding certain clothing or arm movements, or even isolating themselves socially.

In some cases, hyperhidrosis is a side effect of an underlying health concern such as hyperthyroidism or diabetes, so you should always consult a doctor if you are struggling with this condition. For these patients, treating the health concern will typically also treat their hyperhidrosis. But for a significant portion of the population, the cause of excessive sweating is not clear. There may be a hereditary element, or it may seem to be triggered by certain foods or beverages. This type of hyperhidrosis, known as primary hyperhidrosis, may leave patients wondering what their options are for alleviating their symptoms.

If your hyperhidrosis is not caused by a secondary health concern and it is affecting your confidence or your daily life, you are likely a good candidate for miraDry. Since it is non-invasive and comes with minimal risks, there are very few contraindications for this procedure. To find out with certainty whether miraDry will help you achieve the results you want, you will need to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay at Banff Plastic Surgery or with a miraDry provider near you.


The Right Reasons

miraDry is a long-lasting, even permanent solution to excessive underarm sweat. It is most often recommended for patients who have had inadequate improvement with clinical-strength antiperspirants or oral medications. This treatment can also offer a more permanent solution than Botox injections, which are FDA-approved for reducing underarm sweat but only provide temporary relief. Botox wears off after a few months, so this option requires regularly scheduled treatment sessions to maintain the results. In one study performed by researchers at the University of British Columbia, more than 90% of miraDry patients experienced significant sweat reduction, with an average reduction of around 83%. The procedure is also effective in reducing foul odor associated with excessive sweating, and for thinning and eliminating underarm hair.

If you produce a relatively average amount of sweat but find it unsightly, you should talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon, physician or dermatologist about your options. You may be a good candidate for Botox, which can offer temporary and less drastic results, or for stronger antiperspirants prescribed by your doctor.


The Right Time

miraDry can be a great option for patients in relatively good health who are experiencing excessive underarm sweating that has proven resistant to other treatment methods. Since it’s non-invasive and does not involve general anesthesia or a recovery period, miraDry is convenient even for those with busy schedules. A single miraDry treatment only takes about an hour, so you can fit it into your daily schedule at any time. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work and everyday responsibilities immediately after treatment, though there will be some restrictions on more strenuous physical activity for a few days.

In addition, it’s not uncommon to experience soreness, swelling, redness or bruising under the arms for a number of days, and for numbness or tingling sensations to persist for several weeks. All of these symptoms do subside with time and are normal side effects, not signs of complications or adverse reactions, though you should always contact your miraDry provider if you are concerned about your results. The possibility of visible or uncomfortable side effects may mean that you want to schedule your miraDry treatment for a time of year when you will be comfortable wearing clothing that covers your armpits, or at times when your social schedule is more flexible than usual.

Patients usually experience a nearly complete reduction in sweating right away. As your body continues to adjust after miraDry, some sweating may return — but up to 80 percent of clients experience a significant, noticeable reduction in sweating after just one treatment. That being said, there is a chance that you will need more than one miraDry treatment to achieve full results. Most patients experience their best results with two treatments spaced three months apart. Your provider will be able to tell you with more detail and certainty what kind of results you can expect, and when.

If you are experiencing hyperhidrosis that affects your happiness or your confidence, you might find yourself frustrated with attempts to manage symptoms using antiperspirants or medications. If you have tried these first-line-of-defense methods with no results, it is time to consider a treatment like miraDry. With clinical studies to support its safety and efficacy, you can rest assured that it will deliver noticeable results without disrupting your daily life or your health. To find out if miraDry is the right treatment for your concerns, contact a provider near you — in Banff, Alberta, the expert team at Banff Plastic Surgery is here to help. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay today by calling 403-762-2055.

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Everything is going great, I have Absolutely LOVED this procedure, it’s done wonders for my self confidence and of course my wardrobe…. I’m not sweating hardly at all anymore and there’s been like zero smell too, I mean it is +31 out and with really minimal sweating I think that’s pretty darn amazing!


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miraDry FAQs

How does miraDry work?

miraDry delivers controlled electromagnetic energy into the sweat glands underneath the arm. The energy eliminates the sweat glands, prohibiting sweat from being produced in the area. The procedure also eliminates the glands that produce the foul underarm odor and may reduce body hair in the treatment area as well.

The miraDry procedure is performed using local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during treatment. The entire session generally takes 60-90 minutes to complete. Most patients return to their regular activities as soon as the procedure is over.

Don’t I need those sweat glands?

Sweat is the body’s natural method of maintaining a comfortable temperature. However, the sweat glands under the arms make up just two percent of the total number of sweat glands found in the body. Eliminating these glands will not have any effect on your body’s own temperature control, but will provide you with drier underarms and increased self-confidence.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my treatment?

It is best not to shave the underarm area for a few days prior to your treatment, since a small amount of hair in the area actually enhances the results of the procedure. Do not shave the day of your treatment and avoid any types of topical creams or deodorants that could interfere with your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients will see the best results with one or two treatment sessions, spaced approximately three months apart. A small number of patients may need a third treatment session, but this is rare.

How long do the results last?

Because the sweat glands are completely eliminated and do not regenerate, miraDry is considered a permanent solution for underarm sweating.

miraDry is an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis in the right patients. To learn more about this innovative treatment, contact Banff Plastic Surgery at 403-762-2055 or online at www.banffplasticsurgery.ca

How much does MiraDry cost at Banff?

1st treatment $ 2,782.50 (GST included)

2nd treatment $ 1,732.50 (GST included)