I have always really been self conscious of underarm sweat, I worked in a sports orientated field for many years before venturing into the banking profession. When I finally made the move into a way better and more lucrative field I also dealt with a lot of discomfort. This was mainly due to the fact that I would be wearing full suit Jackets even in the heat of the summer in my office, and my upper body would always be wet and sweaty, regardless of winter, summer or any other weather conditions. I’ve tried many other things from $30 deodorant and antiperspirants to Botox under my arms and nothing seemed to work. I knew that at some stage if I truly wanted to deal with this I would need to have my sweat glands removed, but the recovery time and the painful procedure was really off putting so I dealt with the situation as best as I could and decided to keep on buying the expensive deodorants. Earlier in the year I started exploring Botox under my arms again as the deodorant was so strong that it actually burned a red course under my arms and I could not bring my arms down to the side of my arms. This was my first introduction to miraDry… Leslie told me about a new procedure that they will be doing at
the Banff Plastic Surgery Clinic. On December 15, 2016, the time came and I went in for the procedure, and I could not be any happier. The compassion and care and knowledge from the Ladies at the office is
out of the world, the procedure itself took about 75 minutes, and I found it rather therapeutic. The procedure is pain free during and pretty much after, the night after everything was done I took an Ibuprofen and I was set for gold. There is not a more freeing feeling than being able to wear a
shirt and lifting your arms knowing that you don’t have sweaty underarms. And since Thursday evening 5:00 this has not been an issue, not even after an hour run on Sunday. I would highly recommend miraDry for anyone who sweats a lot, or who dislikes sweating under their arms, this will truly be 75 minutes that will change your life!

In regard to my sweating, I really started to notice it when I was about 12, and, like most people, I was humiliated and didn’t understand why it was happening to me and not other people my age at that time. I would easily get stressed or overwhelmed, which would in turn make me sweat even more, and I would immediately start to get overheated and sweat profusely that would result in large sweat stains in the armpits of my shirts.

I was so humiliated that in grade 8 I started to wear size 2XL mens’ sweaters to hide the sweat stains, and I did that until grade 10. It progressively got worse when I started high school. It would just be a normal day and I would be sweating so bad that it would be dripping down my arms. I would call my mom pleading to go home because I didn’t want people to see me.

Self-esteem wise, it destroyed my confidence for a long time. I didn’t want to be looked at and hated when my friends asked for hugs because I was ashamed that they would feel me sweating or how wet my clothing would be. I tried everything from deodorant, powders, dermatology-recommended deodorants, to antiperspirant; each time getting my hopes up and then being devastated when it didn’t work. In grade 11, when I had had enough, I went to my dermatologist and started glycopyrrolate, which helped immensely, although dried me out in other areas (hands, skin). I still had small sweat stains but nothing compared to what it would be like not taking the pills. That helped my self-confidence quite a bit, and I was happy.  
When Dr. Hall-Findlay told me about MiraDry, I was very excited and jumped at the opportunity. After a couple of months waiting, I was contacted by Dr. Hall-Findlay’s office and given a procedure date. 

On December 15, I had my procedure, which went very smoothly. The staff were very kind and friendly, which helped me feel more comfortable and not so stressed. By day 2, I was swollen and sore but managed it with ibuprofen and ice packs. Now, on day 4, my left armpit is more swollen than my right, but I have been taking ibuprofen, which is helping. I have noticed that I have had a slight odor in left armpit as well.

On March 27, I came back for a second treatment to combat the odor and sweating that increased over time. The recovery was a little bit easier this time around though I did find that my left armpit took a little longer to heal as my specialist did her best to blast the sweat glands further. Now in July, I have not experienced any sweating or odour. I got to wear my graduation dress proudly and ring in my 18th birthday sweat free.

For as a long as I could remember, I had a problem with excessive sweating and odour from my underarm areas. I have tried every deodorant and antiperspirant on the market. I have even went as far as to reading reviews on deodorants and antiperspirants, in addition to, naturopathic appointments to see if my problem was maybe related to a systemic issue. I have ruined countless white shirts and my other shirts always seemed to have a lingering odour to them. Trust me, I was even switching laundry detergents to see if I could get the smell out of my tops. This was a deep-rooted issue which causes me continuous insecurities and I was always self-conscious, smelling myself to see if I needed to reapply more underarm deodorant and antiperspirant. The routine of constantly smelling myself made for awkward dates, although I had developed very inconspicuous ways of doing so. 

I was in Banff with my sister at the clinic for a completely non-related reason when I kept seeing all these pamphlets about Mira Dry. I gave it a read to see what the rave was about. While reading the pamphlet, the information provided immediately got my attention. This amazing procedure kills the sweat glands, which means no sweating, which means no odour, and kills hair.… what more could you ask for. First thought, how could this be, second thought, I have to do this. After telling my mom about it, she said go see if they can do it today, we have to be here anyway. They fit me in for 3:00pm.

The procedure took about an hour and a half. The only part that I would say caused even the slightest discomfort was the fact that I needed to be locally frozen with injections. Other than that, I can honestly say I felt nothing and nothing causes me any pain. The nurse also went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable, always asking if I had any additional questions or how I was doing.  I have nothing but amazing things to say about Banff Plastic Surgery. 

Post procedure, I was numb for quite some time, but when that finally wore off, it felt similar to a sunburn with some swelling. Nothing icepacks and pain analgesics couldn’t fix. 

At the time I am writing this, it has been 6 days since my procedure. I am beyond ecstatic to report that I do not sweat and I do not smell. I will continue to monitor, only because it’s a habit I have done all my life. If need be, I will return for a second treatment, which will be totally worth it. Mira Dry is honestly life changing. I’m looking forward to leaving my self-conscious and insecure self behind as I begin to live my life without the constant worry of excessive sweating and odour. 

Thank you miraDry and the staff at Banff Plastic Surgery! You truly changed my life!

Everything is going great, I have Absolutely LOVED this procedure, it’s done wonders for my self confidence and of course my wardrobe…. I’m not sweating hardly at all anymore and there’s been like zero smell too, I mean it is +31 out and with really minimal sweating I think that’s pretty darn amazing!

Here’s my miradry summary;

  • actually procedure was not that painful.
  • Fairly soar afterwards for 2-3 days.
  • several weeks of inflamed arm pits that were achy and felt chaffed
  • I would say 80% effective in decreasing odor and perspiration which is pretty good I think.

Overall I’m satisfied with the result after the one treatment.