A mommy makeover is a popular and effective surgery for women who want to restore the appearance of their body after child-bearing as well as their comfort and confidence. The procedure includes two primary surgeries — a breast enhancement and a tummy tuck — but may consist of others depending on your unique needs and goals. If you have sagging, enlarged or deflated breasts and extra skin with muscle laxity in your mid-section, you can directly benefit from a mommy makeover. The treatment is highly customizable and long-lasting so that you can enjoy a precisely tailored look for years without worry. If you have finished having children and are at a stable, healthy weight, Banff Plastic Surgery can help you feel at ease in your body again and face each day with confidence.


The Right Procedure

A mommy makeover is an ideal procedure to have if the size and shape of your breasts are a concern to you and if you have lax skin and muscles in your lower abdominal region. These symptoms could be the result of pregnancy and childbirth or rapid weight loss. The treatment can also incorporate additional techniques to improve your areas of concern further and these may include a breast lift to reposition your breasts or liposuction to further contour your body.

You must be comfortable having a comprehensive surgery to be a candidate for a mommy makeover. The procedure requires several weeks of recovery since it will excise a substantial amount of skin from your abdomen and therefore requires a large incision. However, the surgery delivers permanent, attractive and long-lasting results and gives patients the most comprehensive solution to the changes in the body most often faced by women.

If you are concerned about having a treatment that provides precise levels of rejuvenation and respects your unique anatomy, personality and spirit, you should consider a mommy makeover. The procedure can be extensively tailored around your concerns and, in the hands of a highly-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Hall-Findlay, you can have outstanding results with safety stressed throughout every aspect of care.

The Right Patient

To qualify for a mommy makeover, you must be done with child-bearing and have maintained a stable weight since, in the future, either could reverse your results. As with all surgeries, you must be in sound overall health and, if you smoke, you should quit six weeks before your surgery and avoid smoking for six weeks afterward. Smoking can significantly impair wound healing and this aspect is especially critical if you have a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck requires a large incision in a vital area of the body. Also, you should inform Dr. Hall-Findlay about any blood-thinning medications or supplements you take regularly since they can increase the likelihood of bleeding, which can be dangerous during surgery.

You should also have reasonable expectations about the results the treatment can provide. For example, a breast augmentation is intended to improve the size and shape of your breasts but not the position. However, a breast lift can address issues with the position of your breasts and can be included in your treatment, if desired. Also, both breast surgery and a tummy tuck will result in scarring (as will any surgery) but your surgeon, Dr. Hall-Findlay will carefully and skillfully conceal your incisions, which will also fade with time. As a major surgery, you will also need to be comfortable having a period of recovery and be able to accommodate it in your schedule.

The Right Reasons

Regardless of your situation, you deserve to feel comfortable in and confident about your body. Pregnancy and childbirth can take a severe toll on a woman’s body. Dramatic weight loss, while extremely healthy, can also leave behind unwanted concerns. While these changes are entirely natural and also unavoidable, you are ultimately in control of your body’s appearance. You have many means available to you to create a look that makes you feel relaxed, joyful and also, fundamentally, most like yourself. Dr. Hall-Findlay can help you choose the treatments which will give you the most improvement and long-term benefit.

While looking healthy, youthful and attractive can improve the quality of all your relationships, including intimate ones, the most important reason to have a mommy makeover is for the positive effects it can have on your body and wellbeing. Satisfaction with your appearance is a key component of overall wellness and Dr. Hall-Findlay can finely tailor the procedures you choose so that you can enjoy personalized results that provide long-lasting satisfaction. You will love your new look after surgery and you will feel like the best version of yourself, too.


The Right Time

Few procedures offer the comprehensive and beautifying results that a mommy makeover can. For patients who have invested so much in their family and in attaining a healthy weight, this procedure can be a well-earned reward. If you are not yet at this stage of your life, you can have a mommy makeover whenever you are ready and you will be well-prepared when your surgery time arrives. You will not be able to enjoy the full gains the surgery provides if you have it too soon and your health and wellbeing are too valuable to rush any treatment.

When you find yourself ready to take the next step, Banff Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your body goals safely. Over a 30-year career in plastic surgery, Dr Hall-Findlay has helped countless women resolve troublesome, even painful, concerns permanently, frequently exceeding their expectations. It is Dr. Hall-Findlay’s compassion for her clients and commitment to their needs that makes her a much sought-after surgeon in the Banff, Alberta area. Dr. Hall-Findlay has been asked to teach both breast and abdominoplasty surgery worldwide because of her expertise in this area. She has authored books, chapters and articles and is a well recognized expert in aesthetic breast and abdominoplasty surgery. She is available to answer your questions and help you work towards your ideal body in confidence. Call her practice now at 403-762-2055 to schedule your appointment and get the best look of your life now.

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