benefits of plastic surgery

Your decision to undergo cosmetic or plastic surgery is no small matter. For many, such a procedure is a life-altering event. You may be making a change that you have dwelled upon for quite some time, taking your last step towards fully regaining your health and confidence. With these stakes in mind, it’s natural that you’d want your surgery to be performed by expert hands. One of the best ways to know whether a surgeon has experience and skill is through the assistance and tools they offer their patients both before and after their procedure.


When you choose cosmetic or plastic surgery, you are putting quite a bit of trust in your surgeon to deliver the results you want in a safe and healthy manner. Your surgeon should be able to demonstrate their trustworthiness and help you feel completely comfortable in their hands.

Your consultation is an unquestionably necessary tool in establishing this patient-surgeon relationship. During your consultation, you should feel comfortable asking questions–in fact, inquisitiveness should be encouraged. Your surgeon should be amenable to an open discussion about the risks associated with your procedure and should be candid about what is and is not possible for your results.

Similarly, straightforward modes of contact following your consultation and surgery are also tools that indicate you are working with an expert. Your surgeon or a skilled staff member should be readily available to answer any questions that come up and should be happy to respond promptly and in detail. Clear patient-provider communication can help you feel confident that you will be well-cared for at every stage of your surgery and recovery.


A top-notch surgeon will ensure you enter your surgery with expectations that both meet your needs and are realistic. Photography–both photos of you for use during your consultation and before-and-after galleries of previous clients–are excellent tools you can use to determine if a particular surgeon will be able to meet or exceed your expectations.

Using photos of you and annotations, your surgeon should be able to accurately show you how your possible outcomes might appear. If you do not want to be photographed, your surgeon should be able to explain to you how they would approach your procedure based on your body type, skin type, age or other relevant factors. It is important that you have a clear picture of what to expect from a procedure with this particular surgeon.

Before-and-after photo galleries are also useful tools for determining what you can expect from a surgeon’s work. These galleries serve as evidence that a surgeon and their patients are proud of their results–a sign that the patient was fully satisfied. Photo galleries mean that you see what a particular surgeon’s real outcomes look like, and you can also identify that a surgeon has worked with clients similar to you in the past and will understand your concerns.


The quality of patient tools for after your surgery can make a significant difference in the ease of your recovery. Thorough aftercare instructions, accessible FAQs and a direct line of contact mean that you won’t be left in the dark about recovering from your surgery. It is paramount that you leave your surgery with a clear picture of what you can do to recover properly.

These tools ideally include recommendations to reduce pain, swelling and scarring; concrete actions you can take to ease discomfort; a timeline of what to expect as you recover and instructions about what to do if any complications arise. Achieving your best possible results is the most significant benefit of a surgeon who provides you with helpful aftercare tools. When you are well-prepared to take good care of yourself following your procedure, you can ensure that your results heal seamlessly and last longer.

Patient tools can mean the difference between a successful surgery and one that doesn’t meet your needs and expectations. Your comfort, safety and health should be prioritized throughout your experience. At Banff Plastic Surgery, we always put the patient first: we want you to feel welcomed and confident about your surgery, and we are prepared to give you the tools you need to make a well-informed decision. If you are looking for the right practice to undergo your plastic or cosmetic surgery, we invite you to call us today at 403-765-2055 to schedule a consultation.