bigger breasts aren't always better

A successful breast augmentation is a balancing act between body type, lifestyle and desired results. If you are considering a breast augmentation, you may be struggling with your body image as a result of breasts you believe are too small or flat to your chest. The obvious solution to this dilemma is to enlarge your breasts to a size that sounds bigger or sexier. But cup sizes aren’t necessarily a good judgment of size or shape, especially when you consider how different sizes work on different bodies. Breasts that don’t fit your frame can appear unnatural, interfere with daily activities and even have detrimental effects on your health.

Natural Results

Your breast augmentation should enhance your shape. Implants that are too large to complement your rib cage, shoulders or waist can downplay your natural features and leave you feeling as unbalanced as you felt before your surgery. At Banff Plastic Surgery, we know your breast augmentation can transform your whole body rather than just your breasts. A natural-looking implant size is the key to giving your body its optimal curves.

Improperly sized implants can also result in a look that might appear overdone or obvious. And, while we want to do our best to achieve the kind of look you want, there are other reasons why we try to discourage our patients from seeking breast implants that are too big for their frame.


Breasts that are disproportionate to your body can make physical activity difficult and even painful. In fact, this issue is one of the main reasons women come to Banff Plastic Surgery seeking breast reductions. If you typically enjoy activities like running, cardio classes or yoga; if you have young or active children; or if you simply lead a busy lifestyle; breasts that don’t fit your frame can be a hindrance.

Additionally, your new bra size will be determined by your rib cage-to-bust size ratio. The larger the difference between the two, the more difficult it becomes to find comfortable, well-fitting undergarments. We want you to love every aspect of your new breasts. Appropriately-sized implants can eliminate annoyances and difficulties in your everyday life.

Health Concerns

At Banff Plastic Surgery, your long-term health is our priority. We aim to perform procedures that you can benefit from for a lifetime. One of the reasons we may recommend smaller implants is because breasts that are structurally too heavy for your body can cause back, neck and shoulder problems over time.

Breast implants weigh approximately the same as natural breast tissue. Each “cup size” you add to your breasts can add between a quarter and a half pound of weight to your chest, per breast. This adds up quickly — before you know it, your shoulders and back may be carrying significant extra weight. If your breast implants are larger than your body is equipped to handle, they can damage your posture and put a noticeable strain on the muscles of your upper body.

The best way to determine what size implants are right for you is a thorough discussion during your consultation. At Banff Plastic Surgery, we strive to find the perfect size to achieve your goals while keeping you active and comfortable. Call us today at 403-762-2055 to schedule a consultation or learn more breast augmentation at Banff Plastic Surgery.